Trash Cash is the Most Simple Way to Recycle! Trash Out...Cash In

About Us

At Trashcash we all come together to work everyday because we aim to solve one of the biggest problem prevailing in India. People don't know what to do with it, how to get rid of it. Yes, We are talking about Trash!

What we do?

This is where we come. we not only help you to get rid of the trash in an Organised way but also in an Effortless manner. Trashcash brings the dealers and the local Kabadiwalas to make efforts together building a Trash free surrounding by collecting waste from your doorstep.

Why choose us?

  • Creating a common platform for all Recyclers

    In a Country like India, We don't have a shared Public Space for the Recyclers, Our Motto is to provide large scale Recycling.

  • You can Earn by Selling Your Trash

    It is the Money you always possess. You can easily sell your trash and earn money as per standard rates mentioned.

  • Easy Waste Pickup System

    We provide you a very simple waste pickup system. All you need to do is get Signed up with us >> Select your Convenient time slot for waste collection >> Select whether you want Donate Or Sell the trash.


Where We Provide Our Services?

 Home    Institutions    Restaurants     Mall     Shop     Corporate Offices     Banks    Regular Scheduled Pick-up

Our Philosophy

We started this Venture because we believe that this difficulty can be solved if we could organize the waste collection of Trash into a Recycling System. We Aim to Transform the widely Untapped Market of Recycling Industry to Mainstream!

Why Recycle?

  • Landfills

    Dumping sites are filling up at an Unimaginable rate and soon in near future there would be no land left to spare for it

  • Waste Generation

    Garbage generated in India has a Potential of generating more than $ 3 Billion (About 20000+ Crore) if we can Systemize Recycling

  • Convenience

    We understand Trash is not the only concern you have. Selling your trash from your doorstep is now just a Click Away

  • Treatment

    From the Total Waste Managment Budget allotted 75% is spent on street sweeping & only 0-5% on Disposal & Treatment.

  • Recycling

    The total waste generated in India is 620 Lakh Tonne Everyday out of which more than 60% waste is Recyclable

  • Market Value

    We Value your goods that is why we try to provide you the utmost value of your Trash according to the market value

Some of our partners

The Most Simple Way to Manage your Trash is TrashCash

Got Any Cool Recyling Ideas? Share With Us. We Would Love To Work On It. Want To Take One Step Further.. Join Us. Be A Part of This Cause.