Why is Segregation important?

In 21st century many countries have realized the threat that your and our trash can pose to any economy. We are essentially running out of space to throw our garbage and with an ever exploding human population we have to find a way to dispose our waste properly.
To solve this issue authorities have adopted the formula of 3R’s Reuse, Reduce, Recycle. First two solution are very easily adoptable but they have various limitations. As in we can reduce and recycle our products only to a certain extent. 7.6 Billion people will still be producing trash no matter what.
What we are trying to focus here is the Recycling of Trash. Its a fancy word that many environmental friendly institutions and authorities have adopted it but still it has not been grown to a scale where we could dispose our trash properly. True that many factors play an important role in Recycling but the term which gives headaches to even most scholars is Segregation.
The Reason your kabadiwala does the recycling for you and no one else is “Segregation”.  Collecting trash from your place is just the start of the journey. That trash has to be segregated properly so that it can be recycled properly. You might see a pile of trash around your neighborhood thinking why is not anyone recycling it. That pile of trash has to be segregated before they can be recycled i.e that pile has to be separated according to the materials like Metals, Plastics, Paper, etc and that creates a major hitch in the recycling process as most of the waste is not segregated.
It would save your kabadiwala’s time as well as your if you could segregate your waste. On the plus side your request would be completed in no time as our kabadiwala has to only weigh the trash and pay you.


Recycle To Educate is an Initiative by TrashCash to raise funds for the Education of Unprivileged Girls who cannot afford a normal education like all of us and to showcase the Potential of Recycling. This event targets one of the most basic problems prevailing in the society which is Female Education. Recycle Your Waste to give a child an Educated Life”. We have collaborated with Helping Hand Foundation who works in this direction and all the money raised by recycling your stuffs will be used for funding the better future of these girls.

Did You Know? 63.5% girls dropout every year from school in India! There are many reasons for dropouts of girls at different stages of their life. During Childhood not all girls get the education they deserve and even if they get into school and parents are not financially or personally stable it is the girl who would be the first to be pulled out of the school not the boy child. For Higher studies it becomes a matter of debate among the family. It is a well known fact that Indian families spend more on their daughter’s wedding than on her education. We live in a society where the upbringing of children still depends largely on the mother. What good are we going to pass on to the next generation if that mother is illiterate? One girl,if educated can educate the whole family and then this chain can be driven more to educate the population which is a root cause of many other social problems. The social problems are not in our hands but the least we can do is fund the dreams of those innocent lives who wishes to go to school and enjoy their school life.

After filling the details of the stuffs you want to recycle Select Donate Helping Hand Foundation – Recycle To Educate. It might be just waste for you but it can change someone’s life. So, Educating a girl is just one click away from you. It is you who have to decide ARE YOU WILLING TO BE A PART OF THE CHANGE? Start Giving Back to Your Society Today because every small step matters.

Why a blog in a recycling app?

If you’ve clicked on the blog that means you too are one of the many who had this itching question that needed to be answered! The reason we started this blog was to create self awareness among people regarding recycling and inspire them to join in the revolution against trash.

The Reason

We figured not many people knew how recycling happens or what exactly is recycling. Usually in a indian society this issue is not dealt in a sensitive manner. With TrashCash we wanted to create an example for others what impact we can bring with just pieces of trash.

1 .Tedious Issue

The mammoth issue of recycling needs more than just a Swacch Bharat Abhiyan to generate results at its full magnitude. Yes it do helps in capturing the eyes it needs, but unless you don’t know how exactly is recycling necessary or how does it work you cannot be driven at any fruitful outcome. With this blog, this is exactly our approach. This blog will cover everything from the need for recycling, current solutions for recycling, how can we create an impact with just piece of trash.

Stay tuned with us and click the Notify me to know more about the recycling world!

Why is the recycling industry not booming instead of being a huge 3 billion dollar market?

Recycling industry is considered one of the oldest businesses in the human civilization. During the early days when resources were scarce and hard to come by, archaeological studies of ancient waste dumps show less household waste (such as ash, broken tools, and pottery)—implying more waste was being recycled in the absence of new material.

Fast forwarding to the current scenario, we now produce multiple products for similar use. Take for Example Aluminium drink cans, it’s no longer one company producing it, you have Coca-Cola, Pepsi and many others. Thus every market have its competition and it has sky rocketed our consumption of goods which has resulted in making recycling a 3 Billion$(20,000 Crores INR) industry.

But why isn’t it exploding if we are at a record high producing one time usable goods. Turns out we don’t have a built-in recycling system. You wait for your saviour kabadiwala to showup in your area or you either end up throwing your waste in dustbins which more often than not ends up in landfills.

If we go by the statistics, currently recycling occurs informally mostly by the kabadiwalas which is just 10-20% capacity of the total recycling. To most people it must occur why is it that only the kabadiwalas recycle most of our waste? Well you can find it here.

For the industry to be mature what we need is a system for waste generators where they can recycle easily whenever they want. At TrashCash this is exactly our motto to provide recycling for the user at reasonable prices at their convenience not ours! You are actually doing something good for our planet, why wait for anyone else, huh?

What Is Recycling?

Do You Know? India generates 1,00,000 metric tonnes of waste PER DAY. While covering the very basic problem of waste disposal we came across that not many people are aware about the true meaning of recycling and this is what inspired us to write a blog about it. Now for understanding recycling properly we go back in time when Earth was created. It had that ability to decompose the waste it created be it rocks, dead animals, trees anything. But with the passage of time humans started creating their own things which were difficult to decompose. This situation led to the rise of Recycling where the things which were no longer useful to us were processed and used again in some or the other form. But Today with the amount of man-made products we use, it becomes very necessary to recycle it rather than just throw it in the dustbin. Throwing your waste in dustbin might be the short-term solution but it is still a myth among people that once garbage thrown in dustbin(which is also not done!) is the final step. It is not possible to recycle a heap of garbage. Infact that heap of garbage finally adds to the landfills which unleash a very dangerous environment for the people living in the nearby areas. Various kind of diseases spreads around the area like lung cancer, respiratory diseases. And looking at the current situation how much landfills are we going to make to throw that garbage away which we once created? At some point there won’t be any places left to create landfills. The only way we can recycle the waste is by Segregating the waste like Newspapers, Plastics, Card-boards , Metals, etc .

Provide to Animal Care

We strive hard towards animal cruelty. All abandoned pets are given shelter under one NGO. On daily basis we find 5 injured pets who need medical attention and care. At TrashCash donation doesn’t mean you have to give any sort of money for helping any cause. Instead we use use your trash as money and reach out to the NGO

Feed a child

Every 1 in 5 children are hunger deficient in our country. Annapurna Trust is solely dedicated towards ending the hunger outbreak. Join us in this war against malnutrition by donating your trash for this cause. Your recycling will not only help the planet to keep it clean but also help some child to cease them starving