Recycling Dhamaka Offer

TrashCash presents “Recycling Dhamaka” offer with wide ranges of prices from Smartphone, VR Headset, Smartwatch and much more. Place a pickup request today and get a chance to win one of these amazing prices. We feel that being an Environmental Savior is not an easy thing (well, at least in India). So we decided that “Our Recycling Saviors” deserve some sort of applause for their dedication towards Recycling. This is rather very simple offer compared to other “Hectic offers” which compels you to follow certain parameters to enroll in the offer, But at TrashCash we like to think out of box and bring something more accessible to all people.  So all you need to do is place a request for pickup of your trash and donate it for a  Social Cause or Sell it to earn some cash.  And Eureka, you can win some amazing prices for being a savior of earth. It’s a win-win both ways!

*T&C for offer
1.There is no criteria or any offer code for users to avail the offer, all you have to do is place a request for waste pickup to get eligible for the offer.
2.Cancelled pickup requests are not eligible for the offer
3.The offer is a multi time offer and the user can place as many as pickup requests as he/she wishes
4.Selection of the winner will be selected on the basis of the maximum amount of trash recycled by a single account(whether it is of individual type or hotels or schools anything) and we have no inclination towards any user.
5.The last date to be included in the offer is 31 October,2017.
6.This offer is solely carried out by TRASHCASH, and we have all rights to change the dates of completion of offer, if it demands.
7.The winner will get a confirmation mail about the reward and has to submit his/her photo at within 3 days to claim the reward or else the reward gets passed on to the next user. With this he/she gives the consent to use the photo as per TrashCash’s wishes.