Waste Warriors

Hello TrashCashians,

It’s been a long time since we have posted on our blog. We wanted to share details of a campaign which we were starting to create local awareness about waste issues in our society. Thus we came up with Waste Warriors, If you want to spread awareness among your peers this is the time to become Waste Warriors with TrashCash. Under this campaign you need to share the causes, growing issue of waste and how to tackle them by using TrashCash. This initiative is an open project for all the Environment lovers out there. You are required to share the causes, effects and solutions of the waste problem prevailing in the society and as per your performance you will be given incentive on the basis of how many person you shared this information with.

As per the information obtained by the trashcash you will be rewarded accordingly.
Here is the list:
~Per Login: 5Rs
~Per 5 Pickup Request: 100Rs

Recycling Dhamaka Offer

TrashCash presents “Recycling Dhamaka” offer with wide ranges of prices from Smartphone, VR Headset, Smartwatch and much more. Place a pickup request today and get a chance to win one of these amazing prices. We feel that being an Environmental Savior is not an easy thing (well, at least in India). So we decided that “Our Recycling Saviors” deserve some sort of applause for their dedication towards Recycling. This is rather very simple offer compared to other “Hectic offers” which compels you to follow certain parameters to enroll in the offer, But at TrashCash we like to think out of box and bring something more accessible to all people.  So all you need to do is place a request for pickup of your trash and donate it for a  Social Cause or Sell it to earn some cash.  And Eureka, you can win some amazing prices for being a savior of earth. It’s a win-win both ways!

*T&C for offer
1.There is no criteria or any offer code for users to avail the offer, all you have to do is place a request for waste pickup to get eligible for the offer.
2.Cancelled pickup requests are not eligible for the offer
3.The offer is a multi time offer and the user can place as many as pickup requests as he/she wishes
4.Selection of the winner will be selected on the basis of the maximum amount of trash recycled by a single account(whether it is of individual type or hotels or schools anything) and we have no inclination towards any user.
5.The last date to be included in the offer is 31 October,2017.
6.This offer is solely carried out by TRASHCASH, and we have all rights to change the dates of completion of offer, if it demands.
7.The winner will get a confirmation mail about the reward and has to submit his/her photo at contact.trashcash@gmail.com within 3 days to claim the reward or else the reward gets passed on to the next user. With this he/she gives the consent to use the photo as per TrashCash’s wishes.


Recycle To Educate is an Initiative by TrashCash to raise funds for the Education of Unprivileged Girls who cannot afford a normal education like all of us and to showcase the Potential of Recycling. This event targets one of the most basic problems prevailing in the society which is Female Education. Recycle Your Waste to give a child an Educated Life”. We have collaborated with Helping Hand Foundation who works in this direction and all the money raised by recycling your stuffs will be used for funding the better future of these girls.

Did You Know? 63.5% girls dropout every year from school in India! There are many reasons for dropouts of girls at different stages of their life. During Childhood not all girls get the education they deserve and even if they get into school and parents are not financially or personally stable it is the girl who would be the first to be pulled out of the school not the boy child. For Higher studies it becomes a matter of debate among the family. It is a well known fact that Indian families spend more on their daughter’s wedding than on her education. We live in a society where the upbringing of children still depends largely on the mother. What good are we going to pass on to the next generation if that mother is illiterate? One girl,if educated can educate the whole family and then this chain can be driven more to educate the population which is a root cause of many other social problems. The social problems are not in our hands but the least we can do is fund the dreams of those innocent lives who wishes to go to school and enjoy their school life.

After filling the details of the stuffs you want to recycle Select Donate Helping Hand Foundation – Recycle To Educate. It might be just waste for you but it can change someone’s life. So, Educating a girl is just one click away from you. It is you who have to decide ARE YOU WILLING TO BE A PART OF THE CHANGE? Start Giving Back to Your Society Today because every small step matters.

What Is Recycling?

Do You Know? India generates 1,00,000 metric tonnes of waste PER DAY. While covering the very basic problem of waste disposal we came across that not many people are aware about the true meaning of recycling and this is what inspired us to write a blog about it. Now for understanding recycling properly we go back in time when Earth was created. It had that ability to decompose the waste it created be it rocks, dead animals, trees anything. But with the passage of time humans started creating their own things which were difficult to decompose. This situation led to the rise of Recycling where the things which were no longer useful to us were processed and used again in some or the other form. But Today with the amount of man-made products we use, it becomes very necessary to recycle it rather than just throw it in the dustbin. Throwing your waste in dustbin might be the short-term solution but it is still a myth among people that once garbage thrown in dustbin(which is also not done!) is the final step. It is not possible to recycle a heap of garbage. Infact that heap of garbage finally adds to the landfills which unleash a very dangerous environment for the people living in the nearby areas. Various kind of diseases spreads around the area like lung cancer, respiratory diseases. And looking at the current situation how much landfills are we going to make to throw that garbage away which we once created? At some point there won’t be any places left to create landfills. The only way we can recycle the waste is by Segregating the waste like Newspapers, Plastics, Card-boards , Metals, etc .

“But what do we do with these waste products?”

Well the answer is pretty simple. The waste we collect is channelized through the best means available and is made available to the factories where these materials are moulded in such a way that they can be used by the factories and different items are made out of them. Take for example paper, after processing the waste paper it is used for preparing paper plates, paper boards, egg cartons, phone directories, etc. Another significant point in recycling is the energy used in creating a new product by recycling is very less compared to the product made from raw materials. For e.g. An Aluminium Can takes 95% less energy when it is made from recycled cans than from raw aluminium. At last these new products are again distributed in the market, which means that No Waste is left being strangled on the roads or in the dump-fields to spread diseases.