Why a blog in a recycling app?

If you’ve clicked on the blog that means you too are one of the many who had this itching question that needed to be answered! The reason we started this blog was to create self awareness among people regarding recycling and inspire them to join in the revolution against trash.

The Reason

We figured not many people knew how recycling happens or what exactly is recycling. Usually in a indian society this issue is not dealt in a sensitive manner. With TrashCash we wanted to create an example for others what impact we can bring with just pieces of trash.

1 .Tedious Issue

The mammoth issue of recycling needs more than just a Swacch Bharat Abhiyan to generate results at its full magnitude. Yes it do helps in capturing the eyes it needs, but unless you don’t know how exactly is recycling necessary or how does it work you cannot be driven at any fruitful outcome. With this blog, this is exactly our approach. This blog will cover everything from the need for recycling, current solutions for recycling, how can we create an impact with just piece of trash.

Stay tuned with us and click the Notify me to know more about the recycling world!