Why is Segregation important?

In 21st century many countries have realized the threat that your and our trash can pose to any economy. We are essentially running out of space to throw our garbage and with an ever exploding human population we have to find a way to dispose our waste properly.
To solve this issue authorities have adopted the formula of 3R’s Reuse, Reduce, Recycle. First two solution are very easily adoptable but they have various limitations. As in we can reduce and recycle our products only to a certain extent. 7.6 Billion people will still be producing trash no matter what.
What we are trying to focus here is the Recycling of Trash. Its a fancy word that many environmental friendly institutions and authorities have adopted it but still it has not been grown to a scale where we could dispose our trash properly. True that many factors play an important role in Recycling but the term which gives headaches to even most scholars is Segregation.
The Reason your kabadiwala does the recycling for you and no one else is “Segregation”.  Collecting trash from your place is just the start of the journey. That trash has to be segregated properly so that it can be recycled properly. You might see a pile of trash around your neighborhood thinking why is not anyone recycling it. That pile of trash has to be segregated before they can be recycled i.e that pile has to be separated according to the materials like Metals, Plastics, Paper, etc and that creates a major hitch in the recycling process as most of the waste is not segregated.
It would save your kabadiwala’s time as well as your if you could segregate your waste. On the plus side your request would be completed in no time as our kabadiwala has to only weigh the trash and pay you.

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