Why is the recycling industry not booming instead of being a huge 3 billion dollar market?

Recycling industry is considered one of the oldest businesses in the human civilization. During the early days when resources were scarce and hard to come by, archaeological studies of ancient waste dumps show less household waste (such as ash, broken tools, and pottery)—implying more waste was being recycled in the absence of new material.

Fast forwarding to the current scenario, we now produce multiple products for similar use. Take for Example Aluminium drink cans, it’s no longer one company producing it, you have Coca-Cola, Pepsi and many others. Thus every market have its competition and it has sky rocketed our consumption of goods which has resulted in making recycling a 3 Billion$(20,000 Crores INR) industry.

But why isn’t it exploding if we are at a record high producing one time usable goods. Turns out we don’t have a built-in recycling system. You wait for your saviour kabadiwala to showup in your area or you either end up throwing your waste in dustbins which more often than not ends up in landfills.

If we go by the statistics, currently recycling occurs informally mostly by the kabadiwalas which is just 10-20% capacity of the total recycling. To most people it must occur why is it that only the kabadiwalas recycle most of our waste? Well you can find it here.

For the industry to be mature what we need is a system for waste generators where they can recycle easily whenever they want. At TrashCash this is exactly our motto to provide recycling for the user at reasonable prices at their convenience not ours! You are actually doing something good for our planet, why wait for anyone else, huh?